The reliable standard for dating ancient artifacts is not as immutable as it seems. Using hydroxy gas, the result of simple water electrolysis, radioactivity is naturally neutralized. There may have been a similar or related natural process in Earth's ancient volcanic creation that diminished isotopes, converting them to daughter elements ? It needs more investigation.

"To their end (and ours potentially) the government is taking radioactive materials and burying them in the ground, thus exposing us to the greatest threat in our history!

But - there's a technology we are offering now called R-Gas that can neutralize radio-active waste! A proof was shown during the 2001 Technology Tour Show, that radioactive isotopes can be made completely stable and neutral!

R-Gas machines are available now to cut steel, however they can also be used to neutralize radioactive waste! UCSA offered to neutralize all of the radio active waste with R-Gas for one tenth of a percent of the Trillions of tax dollars it cost to bury it in the northwest, but it shouldn't surprise you that no government interest could be raised.

Yes - the nucleus of an atom can be trans-mutated!

New York Congressman - the Honorable Dan Haley addressed an audience relating the details of a demonstration which Professor Yul Brown did for US Congressman Berkley Bedell of California.

Yul Brown took a piece of cobalt 60 and after one pass with R-Gas the sample was more than 90% neutralized. The Geiger counter gave the radioactive level of the sample as 1,000 just before the procedure and instantly went to a reading of only 40 after he "cooked" the sample.

The U.S. Congressman, after witnessing the demonstration, called the Department of Energy and they sent five scientists down to witness the same demonstration with the same results. Subsequently government officials buried all records of this demonstration and have done all they could to forget that it happened."


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